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Department of Hydrogen Energy (Z1) and the Department of Water and Air Cleaning (Z4) are part of the Centre for Plasma and Laser Engineering, which is one of four centers of The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery, Polish Academy of Sciences in Gdansk.

This website presents the Z1 and Z4 Departments. Department of Plasma and Laser Applications (Z3), performing laser research, is presented at www.lasercenter.pl

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Structure of the Institute

Scientific Centers

O1 Centre for Hydrodynamics
    Z1 Multiphase Flow Department
    Z2 Hydroenergetics Department
    Z3 Cavitation Department
    Z4 Electrohydrodynamics Department
O2 Centre Flow and Combustion
    Z1 Aerodynamics Department
    Z2 Experimental Aerodynamics Department
    Z3 Energy Conversion Department
    Z4 Renewable Energy Department
O3 Centre for Plasma and Laser Engineering
    Z1 Department of Hydrogen Energetics
    Z2 Photophysics Department
    Z3 Department of Application of Plasma and Laser Engineering
    Z4 Department of Water and Air Cleaning
    Z5 Department of Physical Aspects of EcoEnergy
O4 Centre for Mechanics of Machines
    Z1 Mechanics of Intelligent Structures Department
    Z2 Turbine Dynamics and Rotor Diagnostics Department
    Z3 Aeroelasticity Department
O5 Center of Heat and Power Engineering
    Z1 Turbine Department
    Z2 Distributed Energy Department
    Z3 Heat Transfer Department